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Announcing our 2020 Class of Plantae Fellows

As part of our ongoing commitment to creating a vibrant and engaging community for plant scientists, we launched the Plantae Fellow Program in 2016. With over 80 applicants from all over the world, we are proud to announce the people accepted into this year’s class. The role of the Fellows is to help nurture and […]

Plantae Webinar: What Happens after Manuscript Submission?

Recorded Friday, March 6, 2020 In one of our recent webinars, Mary Williams discussed how to prepare your manuscript for publication. But what happens next?  In the second webinar of this series, Jon Munn, Jennifer Regala, and Mary Williams discussed how your manuscript is reviewed, from initial submission to final acceptance. The goal is to […]

Featured Resource – Faculty Job: Myths and Realities Interview Series by Arif Ashraf

This week we are featuring the Faculty Job: Myths and Realities Series created by ASPB Ambassador Arif Ashraf. In each interview, faculty members describe their journey from student to newly appointed faculty and answer the following questions: What inspired you most to pursue your current career? Which conferences do you regularly attend? How long did […]

Plantae Webinar: Preparing your Manuscript for Submission

Recorded Tuesday, February 4, 2020 In this webinar, ASPB Features Editor Mary Williams will outline the key steps in writing a paper, preparing figures, and navigating the submission process. Topics include how to frame the significance of the question being addressed; how to put the results in context; and how to present the key findings […]