Plantae Presents speaker lineup Oct-Dec 2020

This year, the American Society of Plant Biologists launched a virtual seminar series, on our online community, Plantae. Our goal was to make sure plant scientists can continue to communicate their latest work to their peers during these difficult times and establish a platform on which scientists may connect year-round, regardless of where they are located.

These virtual events are free and open to all. Anyone is welcome to join the webinars, share questions and comments for the speakers, and volunteer to present their own research.

Our current line-up is listed below. Follow the links for more information and to reserve your spot.

You’ll notice that in addition to our standard format of 20-minute talks, followed by 10 minutes for questions we have also introduced a new panel format, where four 7-minute videos submitted by the community will be selected for viewing and a panel discussion. We hope you will consider submitting your research talks.

October 14 (10 am EDT)

  • Claudia Köhler: Epigenetic regulation in the endosperm drives plant speciation
  • Sunil K. Kenchanmane Raju: DNA methylation signatures of duplicate gene evolution in angiosperms

October 21 (10 am EDT)

  • Elizabeth Vierling: From chaperones to mitochondria: Surviving stress
  • Rodrigo Gutierrez: System biology and phylogenomics at the limits of life in the Atacama Desert

October 28 (10 am EDT)

November 4 (10  am EST)

  • Gustavo MacIntosh: Colonization strategies and resistance responses in soybean-soybean aphid interactions
  • Jyothi Vaddassery: Calcium mediated defense against insect herbivores

November 11 11am AEST (Canberra) (Nov 10, 7pm EST, 4pm PST)

  • Creating Crops for the Future: Challenges, Technology, and Sustainable Solutions
  • Special event hosted by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Plant Energy Biology
  • Speakers: Robert Furbank, Harvey Millar, Pamela Ronald

November 17 (9 pm EST)

November 25 (10 am EST)

  • Carlos Ballaré: Phytochrome, jasmonate, and the balance between growth and defense
  • Haim Treves: The tremendous potential of algal metabolic diversity

December 2 (9 pm EST)

  • Ning Zheng: Structural insights into salicylic acid signaling via NPR proteins
  • Destiny Davis: Callose, cytokinesis, and a charophyte

December 9 (10 am EST)

  • Zach Lippman: Cis-regulatory control of quantitative trait variation and pleiotropy
  • Arjun Khakhar: Accelerating hypothesis testing using RNA viral vectors to deploy synthetic transcription factors in plants

January 20 (10 am EST)

As more speakers confirm, our updated line-up and event recordings will be shared on this page. We will also announce speakers via ASPB’s weekly Signal newsletter. For current information, please subscribe to The Signal or bookmark this link and check back often.

We welcome all participants to work with us to make this virtual science platform a success. By collaborating, we hope to help you make connections and share your research. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your colleagues.

Please consider joining ASPB to support this and other services to the plant science community. Registration information for all of the webinars can be found at If you are interested in sponsoring an event in this series contact

The Plantae Presents Organizing Committee is Katie Rogers, Mary Williams, Benjamin Schwessinger, Jürgen Kleine-Vehn, Javier Moreno, and Gita Yadav.