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TapRoot S3E1: Changing the Shape of Microbes and Mentoring

This season we are busting myths, and in this episode, we discuss the myth that mentoring is a one-way street. We talk with our guest Beronda Montgomery, Ph.D., about a cyanobacterium that changes shape in response to stress, and how mentors and trainees also need to change in response to their mutual needs during a […]

Transforming Pixels to Millimeters: Geometric Camera Calibration

About This Seminar The affordability and ubiquity of cameras have led to their increasing use in many disciplines. In plant phenomics, it is common to see experimental data based on image-derived measurements. This seminar will explain geometric camera calibration, whereby pixel measurements are mapped to physical measurements and the conditions under which participants can calibrate […]

Prioritization and Work / Life Balance: Do Less, Work Better

About This Seminar Work/life balance is important to our society regardless of gender. Many professionals today are experiencing the “sandwich” effect—taking care of a family as well as aging parents. In addition, there’s pressure to say “yes” to every opportunity or request that comes across your desk to be successful at work. Studies have shown […]

Taproot S3E0: Season 3 Starts Next #TaprootTuesday!

We are excited to announce that the first episode of Season 3 will be released next Tuesday!  This season, we have some amazing guests joining us and each episode will focus on busting a common science myth. Be sure to listen to Seasons 1 and 2 while you wait and stay tuned! http://cast.rocks/hosting/8420/S3E0-Teaser.mp3 How to listen, […]

Plant Synthetic Biology 101

About this seminar: Synthetic biology is an emerging discipline that seeks to apply engineering principles to biology. But what does this actually mean? How does it differ from what has come before? And what challenges are presented by pursuing synthetic biology approaches in plants? In this webinar, we’ll explore these questions and cover concepts that […]

Applications now open for the 2018-19 Plantae Fellows program

Are you a creative, articulate and web-savvy plant scientist looking to connect with other like-minded folks? We need your help to nurture and grow Plantae, the online community for the global plant science community.  We are looking for individuals who are interested in becoming highly engaged by creating and curating content, facilitating and hosting discussions […]

Self-Advocacy and Negotiation

About This Seminar How to advocate effectively for yourself, your ideas and project, or your group does not necessarily come naturally for many of us and can actually be very difficult depending on your personality, gender, or cultural norms. However, on the road to becoming a leader, mastering the skill of self-advocacy is critical. In […]