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Creating Powerful Resumes

Developing a compelling resume is the goal of every job seeker. This video presentation identifies key steps you can take to help ensure you have the most effective resume possible. Topics covered include tips for effectively matching your resume to the needs of a specific employer. Discover suggestions on whether a chronological, functional or targeted/hybrid […]

‘Colorful Leaves’ – Activity book enhances observation skills

Scientific illustrator and educator Gail Selfridge publishes activity book to engage learners and enhance awareness of plants. She will send six complimentary copies (including shipping) to anyone who agrees to use them as part of an educational program in exchange for photos of the event and a short (no longer than one page) description of what […]

The Power of the 3 Minute Thesis: How to talk about your thesis in three minutes with Rishi Masalia

In this seminar, we discuss how to craft a short, effective science communication talk for a general audience. Although this event is structured around the internationally recognized 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, which is organized and run by the University of Queensland , the skills learned here are transferable to other presentations and forms of science […]

Emerging Technologies in Phenomics Sessions at Phenome 2017

Determining the exact phenotypes of a large population of plants, including architectural parameters, metabolic status, and developmental stage, has traditionally required substantial, expensive labor by legions of workers. While technologies for high-throughput genotyping have mushroomed, technologies for high-throughput phenotyping have lagged. The Emerging Technologies for Use in the Field & Controlled Environments sessions of Phenome […]