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Self Reflection: A Leadership and Management series by early-career plant scientists

Science is a rewarding career, but challenges those who pursue it because the road to a permanent position is long and fragmented. Not surprisingly, many of the early-career researchers we’ve spoken to say they’d like to see more advice and resources to help them navigate their career path. With…

Preparing an impressive CV: The DO’s and DONT’s of it

Note: This is the first post in a new series, "Self Reflection" organized by Amey Redkar written for (and largely by) early-career researchers - read more here. Every step in your career starts with a document to present yourself clearly and concisely, to crack the advertised placement. You may have…

Informational Interviews: What, who, why?

We all know that your PhD studies and postdoc prepare you for a career in academia. Your advisor, who has been pursuing a career in academia, should be able to advice you on submitting your research to journals, writing grants, and interviewing for other academic jobs, but may not have much to say about…

What's a liberal arts college and why should you care?

Evan Peck, an Assistant Professor at Bucknell College, writes about how he nearly didn't apply to a job he loves, and what a liberal arts college is. The Jobs I Didn’t See: My Misconceptions of the Academic Job Market Read more here.

Writing That Standout Research Statement

If you're applying for an independent position, you'll need to submit a Research Statement about your future research plans. Bethany Hout (@huotbethany) writes about a Pub Club group meeting to discuss how to write a Research Statment. Topics include "What makes a good research statement", "How important…

Browse The Hub - MSU resources to help graduate students build skills

The Hub - The Community of Minds, is the online presence of a group that meets weekly at Michigan State University (MSU), led by graduate student Bethany Huot. Browse the website for tons of useful information and resources about developing skills to help you navigate your career, from preparing for…

Is your Professional Portrait a Picasso or a Da Vinci? (Bethany Huot)

Bethany Huot, founder and director of The COM (Community of Minds) / @ThePubClub, writes about the six steps to managing your digital identity. What do prospective employers see when they search for you online (and yes, they do...). Maybe its time to refresh your online profile.

A Beginner’s Guide to Establishing a Professional Online Presence (Inside Higher Ed)

Lesley McCollum writes about why scientist need to establish their profession identity online, including a description of popular sites (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn) and how to use them. In addition to following her advice, we'd recommend you set up and maintain your Google Scholar site and register for…

Career Planning for Research Bioscientists by Sarah Blackford

"Career Planning for Research Bioscientists" is an excellent resource for anyone who is pursuing a scientific career. Written by Sarah Blackford, head of Education and Public Affairs at the Society for Experimental Biology, it provides checksheets, case studies, sample CVs, interview tips and guides…