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Announcing the Plantae Conviron Seeding Discovery Competition

We’re excited to launch a novel initiative in support of early career plant scientists: the Plantae Conviron Seeding Discovery competition...

Advice for those selecting a PhD program

Choose a program, have a life By Samantha H. Jones (Published in Science) As I formally accepted the offer to join my Ph.D. program, the massive weight on my chest began to dissolve, my shoulders relaxed, and my headache subsided. Choosing a program had been quite the roller coaster ride,…

Finding the perfect postdoc (NatureJobs)

NatureJobs has a series of articles to help you find and get the perfect postdoc. Topics include: Part 1: Insights, options, careers Part 2: What is a postdoc? Part 3: The plight of the postdoc Part 4: Postdocs in industry Part 5: The podcast Part 6: Finding funding Part 7: Finding…

Applying for a postdoc job? Here are 18 tips for a successful application (The Guardian)

Advice from scientists on how to find a postdoc position, ranging from finding opportunities to crafting your CV to interviewing. Applying for a postdoc job? Here are 18 tips for a successful application

Career Planning for Research Bioscientists by Sarah Blackford

"Career Planning for Research Bioscientists" is an excellent resource for anyone who is pursuing a scientific career. Written by Sarah Blackford, head of Education and Public Affairs at the Society for Experimental Biology, it provides checksheets, case studies, sample CVs, interview tips and guides…

Ten Simple Rules for Selecting a Postdoctoral Position

You are a PhD candidate and your thesis defense is already in sight. You have decided you would like to continue with a postdoctoral position rather than moving into industry as the next step in your career (that decision should be the subject of another “Ten Simple Rules”). Further, you already…

Ten Simple Rules for Graduate Students

Choosing to go to graduate school is a major life decision. Whether you have already made that decision or are about to, now it is time to consider how best to be a successful graduate student. Here are some thoughts from someone who holds these memories fresh in her mind (JG) and from someone who has…