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Plant Synthetic Biology 101

About this seminar: Synthetic biology is an emerging discipline that seeks to apply engineering principles to biology. But what does this actually mean? How does it differ from what has come before? And what challenges are presented by pursuing synthetic biology approaches in plants? In this webinar, we’ll explore these questions and cover concepts that […]

Applications now open for the 2018-19 Plantae Fellows program

Are you a creative, articulate and web-savvy plant scientist looking to connect with other like-minded folks? We need your help to nurture and grow Plantae, the online community for the global plant science community.  We are looking for individuals who are interested in becoming highly engaged by creating and curating content, facilitating and hosting discussions […]

Is This Newsworthy? How to Assess if a Press Release Might Become a Science News Story

About This Seminar To understand how to write a successful press release, we will put ourselves in the mind of a journalist trying to decide whether several press releases are “worthy” to go into the news cycle. This webinar will be interactive, allowing attendees to score press releases on several criteria and to vote on […]

Computational Plant Science: Science at the Interface of Math, Computer Science, and Plant Biology

About This Seminar This seminar will give insight into the research of cross-trained scientists at the interface of mathematical, computational, and biological sciences. In doing so, the seminar will cover several research projects of varying complexity performed at the computational plant science lab at the University of Georgia. We also introduce the “undefined” career paths […]

Taproot S2S3: Getting Ready for Season 3

Stayed tuned for Season 3, where our theme will be “myth-busting”. While we have some topics, we also want to hear from our audience about their ideas as well. Please take our brief survey, tell us more about yourself and help us plan for Season 3. Also – if you are attending Plant Biology 2018 […]

Data Management 101: Tips for making your published data more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable

About This Seminar: The sheer volume of experimental data being generated in biology presents both opportunities and challenges. When data are easy to access, analyze, and reuse, they can drive innovation while maximizing the returns on the investments of time, grant money, and energy that went into generating them. Most funders and many publishers have […]

ASPB Wins 2018 Excellence in New Communications Award for Plantae

(ASPB) is pleased to announce that Plantae, the online home for the global plant science community, has been awarded an Excellence in New Communications Award from the Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR) in the Communications, Communities, and Collaboration category – nonprofit division. This prestigious award honors organizations for their exemplary use […]