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NAASC Awardees for ICAR 2022-Belfast

1. NAASC have had diversifying awards for the annual Arabidopsis conference (ICAR) in place since 2004, and have been thinking about this and planning around DEI, particularly with respect to race and ethnicity, career stage, and gender. 2. We have made progress over the years, particularly with our Inclusivity Scholars Program (ISP, formerly Under-Represented Minority […]

NAASC Statement on Harassment and Discrimination

We stand with our colleagues in the Maize Genetics Cooperation in supporting targets of harassment and discrimination, and renew our pledge to uphold our code of conduct at ICAR meetings to prevent anyone from experiencing these harms. While current accusations against a member of our community are being investigated and the facts may not yet be fully known (see […]

Improving Outreach In Plant Science

Improving Outreach In Plant Science- Workshop at ICAR 2021-Virtual Jose Dinneny, Stanford (and former NAASC member) organized this workshop at ICAR 2021-Virtual. The workshop stemmed from his leadership of two NAASC activities on the topic of Outreach in Plant Science that occurred between 2018-2021, funded by NSF award* to PI Siobhan Brady and co-PI Joanna […]

NAASC-Seeds of Change: Using Plants to Broaden the Impact of Science in Society

In November 2018, NAASC hosted an NSF-funded* workshop entitled “Broadening the Impact of Plant Science Through Community-Based Innovation, Evaluation and Sharing of Outreach Programs” at the University of California, Davis. The 3-day workshop was organized by members of NAASC**, and before it started we held a public mini-symposium featuring 7 workshop members that presented topics […]

DiversifyPlantPubs – Amplifying Underrepresented Voices

NAASC #DiversifyPlantPubs is simple and straight-forward. The NAASC DiversifyPlantSci Twitter account @DiversifyPlants re-tweets scientific articles, including pre-prints, written by scientists who self-identify as plant science researchers with diverse identity(ies). If you are Black, Indigenous, Latin@x, any race or ethnicity where you identify as a person of color, a woman, LGBTQIA+, occupy a social space or […]

DiversifyPlantSci Online Resource – A List of Plant Scientists that are Members of Under-Represented Groups

The North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) is committed to promoting a global plant sciences community that reflects the true diversity of all its members. To further this mission, members of the NAASC Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Committee (Dr Elizabeth Haswell , Dr Joanna Friesner , and Dr Jennifer Nemhauser) have created the DiversifyPlantSci online resource , a list of plant scientists that […]