DiversifyPlantSci Online Resource – A List of Plant Scientists that are Members of Under-Represented Groups

The North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) is committed to promoting a global plant sciences community that reflects the true diversity of all its members. To further this mission, members of the NAASC Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Committee (Dr Elizabeth Haswell , Dr Joanna Friesner , and Dr Jennifer Nemhauser) have created the DiversifyPlantSci online resource , a list of plant scientists that are members of under-represented groups, that may have been minoritized, in plant science to reference as you seek speakers, reviewers, and participants for career or mentorship opportunities. We hope to increase diversity and inclusion by making it easy to expand invitations past one’s personal networks.

How to use this database: as a resource to identify specific diverse candidates for conferences, hiring, awards, collaborations, etc. For example, you can use search capabilities to narrow down as finely as you wish to learn about plant scientists in a particular field or with particular backgrounds.

Please do NOT use this database to “spam” many or all members as part of a broad and unfocused approach to reaching under-represented plant scientists. For such broad announcements, please instead make use of the NAASC [@DiversifyPlants] (https://twitter.com/diversifyplants) Twitter account to *broadly* announce, for example, career positions, award opportunities, or seminar announcements that aren’t aimed at individuals you have *individually* identified. Indicating “please retweet” in your tweet may help to amplify your message.

See NAASC DiversifyPlantSci page for all the details!

Read more about why these databases are useful!

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