DiversifyPlantPubs – Amplifying Underrepresented Voices

NAASC #DiversifyPlantPubs is simple and straight-forward. The NAASC DiversifyPlantSci Twitter account @DiversifyPlants re-tweets scientific articles, including pre-prints, written by scientists who self-identify as plant science researchers with diverse identity(ies).

If you are Black, Indigenous, Latin@x, any race or ethnicity where you identify as a person of color, a woman, LGBTQIA+, occupy a social space or have an identity that is under-represented, minoritized, or less/in-visible in plant sciences–and you are publishing in the plant sciences–just @ us.

Include the link to the paper and any pics or biographical information. We will quickly scan the paper to make sure the submitter is an author and that the paper is relevant to plant sciences, and then we will re-tweet.

Please note that the author that self-describes as bringing diversity should submit (not their co-authors)

You can also submit papers to DiversifyPlantPubs by direct message to us @DiversifyPlantSci, or by emailing arabidopsisconference@gmail.com

We want to promote, lift up, and disseminate the research of plant scientists whose identities diversify our community. We don’t want to wait for the plant science community to increase its diversity and representation to make these contributions more visible.

This DiversifyPlantSci DiversifyPlantPubs initiative is inspired by, and modeled after, the EEB Papers of Color initiative from our colleagues in Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior (EEB); check them out @ EEB_POC and https://github.com/jhpantel/EEB_POC/blob/master/EEB_POC.pdf

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