Special Issue of Current Biology “The Making of a Plant”

Browsing the table of contents of the “The Making of a Plant” special issue of Current Biology feels like a birthday celebration; there are so many exciting goodies it’s hard to know which to open first. The issue consists of well-written and well-illustrated short reviews (and Quick Guides and Primers, as well as a Feature and an Essay) on topics ranging from how “paintings and other artefacts over the centuries can give insight into the evolution of wheat” to reviews spanning from the ABC model of floral development, to shoot-root communication, to thigmomorphogenesis, to an editorial on the contributions of Wilhelm Hofmeister to modern studies of plant biology. As much as I enjoy my paperless office, this is one of those highly browseable issues I’d really like to have as a hard copy!  Curr. Biol. Vol 27, Issue 17.