Call for Mentors!

We are all thankful for the mentors in our life, pay it forward and become a mentor yourself.

The American Society of Plant Biologists is launching a mentoring platform through the Plantae Job Center. This platform will allow plant science professionals the opportunity to find mentors based on their career development goals, interests, and needs. In addition, experienced professionals will have the opportunity to share their wisdom with the next generation of plant scientists. Our hope is that the platform will not only help to close the gap in career development opportunities for underrepresented groups, but it also will serve as an effective vehicle for cross-communication, interaction and collaboration.

For the mentoring platform to be successful, we first need to recruit mentors with diverse backgrounds, expertise and experience. Having a strong pool of mentors will ensure that mentees can find a good match based on their career goals and professional development needs.  As part of the sign up process, you can indicate the type of mentoring you are interested in giving, your areas of expertise, and the amount of time you have available to devote to mentoring.


Sign up to become a mentor here: