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Get Your Message Across: A Guide to Artwork and Illustrations for Better Impact and Clarity

This PlantBio20 workshop, organized by the ASPB Publications, covered the production of figures, artwork, illustrations, and posters that effectively convey information and complex concepts. The workshop consisted of three presentations on principles of good design, using R/Python to generate complex…

Phase Separation and Plant Biology

ASPB Conviron Independent Project created by Yanniv Dorone

Introduction to Plant Domestication

ASPB Conviron Independent Project 2018-2019 Created by Aimee Schulz For my independent project, I decided to create an accessible and easily modified lesson plan that teachers can use to incorporate plant domestication into their current curriculum. After talking with my high school teachers, I wanted…

Increasing awareness of climate change impacts and the potential role of plant science in climate change impacts mitigation

ASPB Conviron Independent Project - Created by Andrew Egesa (a). Why climate change? The 21st century has witnessed a rapid increase in climate change drivers, comprising of industrial development and other activities associated with rising human population. As a result, climate change related challenges…

Infographics describing GMO safety

ASPB Conviron Independent Project created by Will Hinckley I made a series of infographics describing GMO safety for a general audience. I worked along with my PI and labmates and got several people to read them to make sure that everything was carefully worded to make sense to a general audience.…

Plants are thirsty, too!

ASPB Conviron Scholars: Final Project, by Tim Burnette Water is a central piece to humanity’s past, present, and future life. It is essential to our survival, and we are not alone in this necessity: plants need water too. With limited water, plants cannot grow and develop, and may not even survive.…

Plant Science Outreach Demonstrations

For my Conviron Scholars independent project Bryony Yates created a guide that details the instructions for two interactive plant science demonstrations that can be delivered as part of a science outreach event. They could be presented as part of a public event or taken into schools and require…

An introduction to Python for data visualization

Independent Project Created by Samantha Connolly as part of the ASPB Conviron Scholars Program Python is an incredibly useful programming language, especially for data visualization. Here, I will (1) show you how to download an Integrated Development Environment, (2) show you the basics of loops,…

Spreading Plant Science through Twitter

Post by Angel Vergara Cruces For my ASPB Conviron Scholars independent project, I wanted to use Twitter to spread plant sciences. I was hoping the way Twitter works could allow me to reach a wider audience. I especially wanted to introduce plant sciences to undergraduate students in the life sciences,…