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Everything Orchids Blog

ASPB Conviron Scholar Independent Project Created by Jen Schmidt As a way to combine my love of plants and writing, I started an informal blog called Everything Orchids.  Most of my blog posts cover practical tips for raising orchids as well as interesting plant biology facts.  I also cover some…

Plants in Space

ASPB Conviron Scholars Independent Project by Daisy Dobrijevic in conjunction with the National Space Centre (UK) For my independent project I had a lot of fun working in conjunction with the National Space Centre. On the subject of plants in space, we produced a video, info graphic and a blog post…

Informational Interview with Professor Lisa Urry, Mills College (PUI)

Informational Interview by Tatyana Soto, ASPB Conviron Scholar 2020 Hope you enjoy my interview with Dr. Lisa Urry. I made it into a graphic just to make it more animated and engaging but this meant I had to condense some information. If you want to hear the inspiring story of her parents being first…