Introduction to Plant Domestication

ASPB Conviron Independent Project 2018-2019 Created by Aimee Schulz

For my independent project, I decided to create an accessible and easily modified lesson plan that teachers can use to incorporate plant domestication into their current curriculum. After talking with my high school teachers, I wanted to make sure that the material could be easily adapted with limited need for extensive worksheets or presentations. Additionally, I wanted students to have a hands-on, discussion-based lesson to really encourage them to generate new ideas and broadly apply their knowledge.

Attached (click here) is the full lesson plan. Included are basic learning goals that can be modified to suit the classroom’s need, an outline for an anticipatory set (a seed dispersal game), and the general lesson plan with several prompts for student-led discussions and activities. Finally, I include other ideas that teachers can use to further extend and develop the lesson into a larger-scale project for the students if desired.


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