Plantae Presents: Building Your Professional Scientific Network

Plantae Presents: Building Your Professional Scientific Network

Featuring Selene Fernandez-Valverde, Sjon Hartman and Cade Kane

When: Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at
07:00 AM PST | 10:00 AM EST | 2:00 PM GMT |
11:00 PM Beijing

About this Webinar

In this one-hour workshop, Dr. Selene Fernandez-Valverde, Dr. Sjon Hartman, and PhD student Cade Kane will share how to start building up a scientific network sharing tips, challenges, advice, and resources to be confident and professional in developing a network. 

This webinar is hosted by the 2023 Plantae Fellows.



Selene Fernandez-Valverde

Selene Fernandez-Valverde is a Research Group Leader at the Advanced Genomics Unit, Langebio of Cinvestav in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico. Her laboratory studies the evolution of long non-coding RNAs in various animals and plants to predict their functions better using bioinformatic tools. Dr. Fernandez-Valverde is part of the most important bioinformatic network in Latin America.

She was awarded the national scholarship L’Oreal-UNESCO-AMC-CONACYT for Women in Science in 2016 and the International Rising Talents Fellowship of L’Oreal-UNESCO in 2018. She is also a founding member of Mas Ciencia por Mexico (More Science for Mexico), the Mexican Network of Bioinformatics (Red Mexicana de Bioinformática),and a volunteer instructor of Software Carpentry. In addition, she has served as a volunteer mentor at foundations such as Ekpapalek and the “Mujeres en STEM: Futuras Líderes” program of the US-Mexico Foundation.

Her favorite hobbies are reading and dancing. She also enjoys scuba diving whenever possible. Twitter: @SelFdz


Sjon Hartman

Sjon Hartman is a Junior Professor of Plant Environmental Signalling & Development at the Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies and University of Freiburg, Germany. His lab was established at the start of 2022. The main focus of his lab is understanding how plants sense, respond and acclimate to flooding stress. Sjon performed his BSc, MSc and PhD studies at Utrecht University (NL) and moved to Freiburg after a brief postdoc at the Gibbs lab in Birmingham (UK). In his free time, he enjoys good food, hikes in the black forest and tending to his reef aquarium. Twitter: @SjonHartman





Cade Kane

Cade Kane is a PhD candidate at Purdue University. He is a plant physiologist with interests ranging from plant responses to drought to fungal hormone biology. He is currently undertaking a Fulbright Fellowship in Tasmania Australia looking at the effect of climate change will have on deciduous tree phenology, leaf lifespan, and annual carbon sequestration. As a graduate student, Cade has had a lot of success networking and making friends in his field to share his scientific discoveries and build a network that will help him in the future.







Diwen Wang

Diwen Wang is a PhD candidate in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University. Her research skills and interests are in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and structure biology. She is now focusing on the interaction between plant and plant pathogen. Twitter: @Diwen_w






Eva María Gómez Álvarez

Eva María Gómez Álvarez is a PhD student in agrobiodiversity working in Italy. She is a Spanish, 26-year-old, feminist woman. At work, she studies cereal genetics and microbiome, and during her free time, she likes to play the flute, run, and read feminist books. Twitter: @eva_ga96






Andrea Gomez Felipe

Andrea Gomez Felipe is a plant biotechnology researcher. Her scientific interests lie in plant development, crop improvement, and scientific outreach. She is a Mexican living in the cold and pretty city of Montreal, where she is a postdoc at the University of Montreal. She studies the molecular basis underlying fruit development, combining molecular biology, genetics, confocal microscopy, and computational tools to elucidate specific events during fruit development. Twitter: @andreagomezfe