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NAASC-Seeds of Change: Using Plants to Broaden the Impact of Science in Society

In November 2018, NAASC hosted an NSF-funded* workshop entitled "Broadening the Impact of Plant Science Through Community-Based Innovation, Evaluation and Sharing of Outreach Programs" at the University of California, Davis. The 3-day workshop was organized by members of NAASC**, and before it started…

Plant Domestication: A class for upper-level high school students

By Xiang Li, Conviron Scholar. The assignment was to develop a lesson for school students. Our team (Xiang Li, Haley Carter, Nikolaos Ntelkis and Samantha Snodgrass) prepared the materials for a class of plant domestication designed for upper high school students. We aim to help students understand…

My experiences as a PlantingScience mentor

PlantingScience is an online mentoring program that virtually connects scientists with junior high or high school students as they participate in inquiry-based activities with plants. Mentors commit to an hour or so per week over roughly two to four weeks, during which they respond to student questions…

The database: An educational resource for instructors and students

Setting something to music is a well-known method for supporting learning (think about the alphabet song that you learned as a child). Gregory J. Crowther has assembled a searchable database of science-themed songs, along with lesson plans and suggestions for how to use songs in your teaching.…

How to make a DNA Bracelet

Cross-posted from Kelsey Wood with permission. Kelsey is a PhD student at U.C. Davis. How to make a DNA bracelet, from any organism and any gene! I study plant-pathogen interactions, so I chose to make a sequence from a wild tobacco gene that is important for plant defense against pathogens. What…

Are GMOs good or bad? From the video series "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell"

Amazing - over 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours - this is a popular video series! Here is a list of sources from the YouTube page: SOURCES: #What is natural: GM insulin: Genetic engineering for thousands of years: CRISPR: #…

Backyard Mystery, a free curriculum about pathogens

A free curriculum for grades 5 - 7 Download at About Backyard Mystery Backyard Mystery is part of the STEMware™ project, “Collaborative Research Strategies: STEMware™ – Designing Immersive Biology Learning Simulations for Formal and Informal Settings”.…

It's all in the touch: Plant Biology Curriculum for grades 5 - 8 (ages 10 - 13)

The All In the Touch curriculum was developed by Dr. Peggy G. Lemaux and her assistant, Science Communication Specialist Ms. Barbara Alonso at the University of California, Berkeley with funding from the American Society of Plant Biologists ( ). Dr. Cristina Reynaga-Pena also contributed…

Plant evolution and diversity word search

Botanical terms can seem obscure. Why not help your students master some terminology through a word search puzzle? Download it here: