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The database: An educational resource for instructors and students

Setting something to music is a well-known method for supporting learning (think about the alphabet song that you learned as a child). Gregory J. Crowther has assembled a searchable database of science-themed songs, along with lesson plans and suggestions for how to use songs in your teaching.…

Activity: Do plants need soil to grow?

This resource provides a set of videos and a practical investigation aimed at supporting working scientifically in the classroom and relating science to real world experiences. In the first video Professor Brian Cox joins a teacher to find out how to set up and run an investigation to find out if plants…

Make Me Genius: Uses of Plants for Kids

A charming ~7 minute animation (with regular photos interspersed) featuring two youngsters talking about the many ways plants support all life and provide products everyone needs and uses every day. Relaxed but concise use of key vocabulary terms will expand young viewers understanding of plants and…