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Sugar Is Sweeter: Plants Open Their “Mouths” for Glucose, Not Malate, In the Morning

Regulation of stomatal opening and closing in plants in response to environmental cues continues to be well studied (García-León et al., 2019; Li et al., 2020), as it is important for balancing the intake of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis (PS) with the release of water during transpiration. But more fundamental to this is what enables […]

Lipid Rafts to the Rescue! Plants under Fungal Attack Recruit Phospholipase Dδ

When your fort is under attack during battle, and the wall is breached, you can choose to fight, flee, or forgo. Plants, on the other hand, are left with little choice: they must fight. Winning any battle, though, depends on a multitude of factors, most notably your available arsenal, soldiers, and importantly, your defense strategy. […]

Avoiding Shade to Grow Taller but Not Always Stronger: Phytochrome–Jasmonic Acid Interplay

The environment plays a major role in determining whether, when, and how growth occurs, and resource allocation towards growth is an important factor in many contexts. For example, plants whose defenses against pathogens are activated often grow less, and plants that must grow taller to reach the light in crowded and shaded conditions can be […]