TurboID-based proximity labeling reveals that UBR7 is a regulator of N NLR immune receptor-mediated immunity (Nature Comms)

Identification of protein- protein interactions helps understand the signaling cascade in multiple biological process including development, biotic and abiotic stress. Previously, a proximity-based labelling approach referred to as BioID had been used to identify proteins in close proximity to a protein of interest by labelling them with biotin. In this paper, Zhang et al. optimized TURBOID to identify proteins that interact with the N NLR (Nucleotide binding Leucine rich repeat Receptor) during biotic stress. The N receptor was triggered with p50 elicitor, and proteins in close proximity were labeled and identified by mass spectrometry. UBR7, one of the identified proteins, was shown to negatively regulate the receptor and alter the immune response in tobacco. Thus the TURBOID tool enabled identification of potential interactors that are crucial to receptor-mediated plant defense. (Summary by Suresh Damodaran) 10.1038/s41467-019-11202-z.