Translocation of a chloride channel from the Golgi to the plasma membrane helps plants adapt to salt stress

Plants adapt to salt stress by maintaining ion balance using ion transporters. While much is known about cation transporters, the role of anion transporters is less clear. Rajappa et al. focus on the chloride channel gene AtCLCf in Arabidopsis thaliana, controlled by the transcription factor WRKY9 under salt stress. Plants lacking AtCLCf are more sensitive to salt, while those overexpressing it are more resistant. Salt stress causes the AtCLCf protein to move to the plasma membrane, and inhibiting this movement increases salt sensitivity. Experiments confirm that AtCLCf functions as a Cl/H+ antiporter on the Golgi apparatus. This discovery reveals that AtCLCf helps plants cope with salt stress by removing chloride ions from the roots, thus enhancing salt tolerance. (Summary by Yueh Cho @YuehCho1984) 10.1038/s41467-024-48234-z