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Phase separation determining meiotic interference-sensitive meiotic crossover formation

In sexual reproduction, meiosis creates new combinations between homologs and diversifies the genetic information among gametes and progenies. Most meiotic crossovers (COs) are mediated by a group of ZMM factors, including HUMAN ENHANCER of INVASION-10 (HEI10), which is suggested to concentrate at CO sites to form larger foci for crossover interference. However, how HEI10 is […]

In tune with power: Mitochondrial regulation of energy with TOR

As seedlings grow, they continuously fine-tune the balance between plant growth and energy consumption for better plant fitness. Mitochondria are essential to generate energy. Here, Canal et al. generated single mutants for a gene involved in the mitochondrial respiratory chain – CYTOCHROME C-1 (CYTC-1), which caused defective mitochondrial energy production, membrane potential, lower ATP content, […]