Summer Webinars on the Plant Science Decadal Vision

With society summer conferences going online, the Plant Science Research Network has hosted a series of virtual discussions on the new Plant Science Decadal Vision 2020 – 2030.

On August 26, BTI President Dr. David Stern presented on the Plant Science Decadal Vision 2020–2030, a holistic vision for the next decade of plant science that blends recommendations for research, people, and technology. Going beyond discoveries and applications, the plant science community must implement bold, innovative changes to research cultures and training paradigms in this era of automation, virtualization, and the looming shadow of climate change.

The Plant Science Decadal Vision 2020–2030 was written by representatives from the Plant Science Research Network (PSRN) scientific and professional organizations to develop an inclusive, common vision across the plant science research community to promote interdisciplinary integration of ideas and approaches.

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Source: Henkhaus N, Bartlett M, Gang D, et al. Plant science decadal vision 2020–2030: Reimagining the potential of plants for a healthy and sustainable future. Plant Direct. 2020;00:1–24.

Other Decadal Vision presentations

Read the Decadal Vision Executive Summary

  • June 17: National Coalition for Food and Agriculture Research (NC-FAR) with speakers Samantha Miller and David Stern. Watch the recording.
  • July 29: A Workshop discussion at the Plant Biology 2020 meeting with speakers Kelly Gillespie, David Gang, Bridget Krieger, and David Stern. PB20 virtual conference attendees have access to watch the recording.
  • August 3: An Inspire Session and Live Q&A at the Ecological Society of America 2020 meeting: Harnessing the Ecological Data Revolution. ESA 2020 virtual conference attendees can watch the session recordings for the Inspire Session, which included presentations from 9 speakers.
  • August 26: BTI Breaking Ground Discussion Series. Watch the recording.

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