Review: Exchanges at the plant-oomycete interface that influence disease (Plant Physiol)

This is a great review by Judelson and Ah-Fong on the diverse signals that occur between plants and their oomycete pathogens. The authors start by describing the life- and infectivity-cycles of disease-causing oomycetes, including the familiar plant pathogens, “aggressive” Pythium and “stealthy” Phytophthora. They then cover the exchanges between host and microbe at the barrier between them. These include signals that reveal and recognize the presence of the pathogen, opportunities for pathogen entry, plant defenses and pathogen counter-defenses, nutrient exchange, and the “exit strategy” through which spores escape to start the cycle anew. The authors also expand on the formation and function of the specialized interface of the haustoria. (Summary by Mary Williams) Plant Physiol. 10.1104/pp.18.00979