Protein-protein interaction landscape of transcription factors during gynoecium development in Arabidopsis (Mol. Plant)

The gynoecium is the female reproductive structure of flowering plants. This complex organ, composed of different tissues, is an excellent model for studying plant organ development. Although the gynoecium has been extensively studied from a genetic point of view and a few studies have been carried out about protein interactions, we are still missing the involvement of protein networks during gynoecium development. Herrera-Ubaldo et al. investigated how many possible interactions occur during gynoecium development. Yeast 2-hybrid assays, expression analysis, and network constructions revealed 250 protein- protein interactions (PPI) from 4500 combinations tested. These results were used to construct PPI networks guiding tissue differentiation over time. These interactions showed novel players and interactions with the potential for further study. This work describes the protein dynamics during different stages, and it is a valuable contribution to the comprehension of protein interactions underlying gynoecium development. (Summary by Andrea Gómez-Felipe @andreagomezfe) Mol. Plant 10.1016/j.molp.2022.09.004