Plantae Presents: How to Write Cover Letters and CVs for Your Dream Job

Plantae Presents: How to Write Cover Letters and CVs for Your Dream Job

Featuring Jiawen Chen, Rainer Melzer, and Hector Wheatley

When: Monday, July 24, 2023, at
09:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM EDT | 5:00 PM BST |
12:00 AM Beijing

About this Webinar

This live and interactive discussion will feature insights from experts in academia and industry, where they will reveal what they look for when assessing CVs and cover letters, and how to make yours stand out. For those about to apply for a new job, a recent applicant will be on hand to provide top tips on how they turned their experiences and skills into a job-winning CV.

This webinar is hosted by the 2023 Plantae Fellows.



Jiawen Chen

Jiawen is starting a new postdoctoral position in Belgium in the autumn, and she recently completed her PhD in the Seung lab at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK. Here she researched the biochemical processes behind starch granule initiation in Arabidopsis and wheat. She completed her undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh, during which she also did a year abroad at the University of Washington in Seattle. She is an Assistant Features Editor for Plant Physiology, and was also a Plantae fellow in 2022. She likes reading about all kinds of plant science and hopes to work in scientific editing in the future. Twitter: @Jiaaaawen


Rainer Melzer

Rainer studied Biology at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena/Germany and did his PhD at the Department of Genetics with Günter Theißen. After doing a Postdoc with Günter and working as an interim Professor at Leipzig University, Rainer took his present position at the School of Biology and Environmental Science at University College Dublin in January 2015. Rainer’s main interest is in plant reproductive development. We currently work with hemp and cereals and study flowering time, sex determination and plant architecture. More information: Twitter: @UCDflowerpower



Hector Wheatly

Hector has held a variety of recruitment positions, predominantly focusing on technology businesses around Cambridge. He joined Illumina in 2021 to lead their early talent programmes for Europe. Passionate about social mobility, his job is about getting the best and brightest into the business, and inspiring future generations through school STEM outreach.






Rose McNelly

Rose (she/her) is a plant biology PhD student at the John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK). Her research focuses on endosperm starch in cereals, and she is conducting a genome wide association study to find novel genes involved in starch granule initiation.

Beyond her research Rose enjoys science outreach and can often be found at science fairs/festivals. She also enjoys baking and regularly comes into the lab office laden with baked goods! Twitter: @Rose_McN




Grace Pender

Grace is a plant genetics PhD student in University College Dublin, studying plant architecture in hemp (Cannabis sativa).

She enjoys crochet, watching ballets and musicals, and is very passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion in science. Twitter: @Grace_Pender_31





Shiqi Zhang

Shiqi holds an assistant professorship at East Stroudsburg University. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, her research centers on studying Pi dynamics during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, employing quantitative imaging methods.

She has a passion for educating children about plant biology. As an outdoor enthusiast, Shiqi engages in a variety of activities, including skiing and stand-up paddleboarding.