Plant Cell Focus Issue on climate change and plant abiotic stress biology

The January 2023 issue of The Plant Cell includes a focus issue on “Climate change and plant stress: From genes to ecosystems”. This timely focus issue has in it commentaries, reviews, and research articles on the topic. I particularly enjoyed reading the two reviews that include short perspectives from multiple authors. The first addresses how plant science can help to mitigate climate change and enhance food security, spanning from carbon sequestration in soils to improving photosynthesis and developing climate resilient crops. The second highlights key open questions in plant abiotic stress biology, from questions about how plants sense and integrate stress signals to the contributions of root plasticity in climate resilience. Several other articles look at how current breeding tools are being deployed in the study of stress tolerance and signaling, as well as the exploitation of this knowledge towards the production of climate-resilient crops. Most of the articles in this Focus Issue are available to read without a subscription. (Summary by Mary Williams @PlantTeaching) Plant Cell