New Phytologist Tansley Medal finalists essays

The New Phytologist Tansley Medal is awarded to an early career scientist for excellence in plant science. The essays submitted by each of the five finalists are published in the March 2017 of New Phytologist, and make good reading. We agree with the sentiments of the editors, “warmest congratulations to all of the finalists, and we look forward to following their future careers.

Winner of the Tansley Medal:

  • Laliberté E. Below-ground frontiers in trait-based plant ecology. 1111/nph.14247


  • Barberon, M. The endodermis as a checkpoint for nutrients. 1111/nph.14140
  • Melnyk, C W. Connecting the plant vasculature to friend or foe. 1111/nph.14218
  • Salguero-Gómez , R. Applications of the fast–slow continuum and reproductive strategy framework of plant life histories. 1111/nph.14289
  • Schwessinger, B. Fundamental wheat stripe rust research in the 21st century. 1111/nph.14159
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