Love sci-fi, fantasy, and plants? Check out the Stories Plantarum Podcast!

Journey into the realm of fictional plants and their weird and wacky real-life counterparts

Image Description: Graphic is a white square with a green border that says “Stories Plantarum” over the Stories Plantarum logo, an icon of an open book with a plant growing from it.

Calling all sci-fi and fantasy freaks! Stories Plantarum is a new podcast all about the plants that populate the fictional worlds of the human imagination and real-life plants that seem out of this world.

Each episode begins with a tale of a fabulous fictional plant and then introduces an actual plant that shares some of its fantastical features. Fictional plants are featured throughout all kinds of media including film, television, comics, literature, mythology, video games, board games, and anywhere else they can sink their roots into. These fictional plants may seem unrealistic at first, however engaging with mystifying plants in our real lives is oftentimes no further away than a few steps from home. Stories Plantarum seeks to foster a deeper appreciation for the fascinating plants we share our planet with.

Beginning in October, new episodes will be released bi-monthly. The first four episodes are out now, catch up on all of the past episodes on SoundcloudSpotify, or Apple Podcasts. Episode transcripts and graphics will be posted here on

Keep up to date with new episodes by subscribing to your favorite podcast service and by following Stories Plantarum on Twitter and Facebook @PlantarumPod. New episodes and transcripts will also be announced here, so keep an eye out on your Plantae dashboard!

The transcripts for the first four episodes will be posted in the next few days, followed by a brand new episode next week. Stay tuned for more tales from the weird and wacky world of plants!

The following are links to all of the previous episodes.

Episode 1: Vampire Vines

Episode 2: Tall Wood, Old Wood, Redwood, Goldwood (note: graphic was made before final title was decided)

Episode 3: Hidden Giants

Episode 4: Deadly Dreams

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