Literature Tools for Researchers

Search engines, databases, and literature searches, oh my!  

Finding and managing references is a complex task. Luckily there are a number of digital tools that can help this task. In this infographic, ASPB Plantae Fellow Ángel Vergara Cruces presents a series of articles to find, access, organize and analyze research. Included are tools that can help neurodivergent academics.  



About the Author

Ángel Vergara Cruces is a PhD student at the John Innes Centre in the UK, and a 2023 Plantae Fellow. He has joined the Webster lab to work on gene expression in chloroplasts using structural biology. He is also part of the team organizing the Spanish Juvenile Science Olympiad, an interdisciplinary scientific competition aimed at 15-years-old pupils. You can find him on Twitter at @@ngelVerCru.