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Plain-language summaries of research

The editorial team at eLIFE has shared some of their tips for writing about your research in an accessible way. In addition to reporting on the outcomes of their plain-language summaries (eLIFE Digests), they provide an excellent set of guidelines to help you write your own plain-language summary. All…

Communication: Antisocial media (Nature Careers)

Communicating about science (or anything) on social media sites can expose you to rudeness and worse. In this column by Amber Dance from Nature Careers, several high-profile scientists and science communicators share how they avoid and cope with conflicts. Read more here.  

What's a liberal arts college and why should you care?

Evan Peck, an Assistant Professor at Bucknell College, writes about how he nearly didn't apply to a job he loves, and what a liberal arts college is. The Jobs I Didn’t See: My Misconceptions of the Academic Job Market Read more here.

Writing That Standout Research Statement

If you're applying for an independent position, you'll need to submit a Research Statement about your future research plans. Bethany Hout (@huotbethany) writes about a Pub Club group meeting to discuss how to write a Research Statment. Topics include "What makes a good research statement", "How important…

Breaking Ground: Monica Mezzalama keeps vital check on seed health and biosafety

"A curiosity for disease and a passion to cure led Mezzalama to a career as a plant pathologist. While studying for an undergraduate degree in agronomy in her hometown of Turin, Italy, she visited nearby vineyards to study plant pathogens for the first time. “It was working in the vineyards where…

People Behind the Science: Michael Blatt

Mike Blatt, Editor-in-Chief of Plant Physiology, was recently interviewed for the "People Behind the Science" podcast series. Read excerpts and hear the full interview here

Browse The Hub - MSU resources to help graduate students build skills

The Hub - The Community of Minds, is the online presence of a group that meets weekly at Michigan State University (MSU), led by graduate student Bethany Huot. Browse the website for tons of useful information and resources about developing skills to help you navigate your career, from preparing for…

How to find success as a woman in science (The Conversation)

Kara Perrow (nee Vine), University of Wollongong; Amy Wyatt, University of Wollongong, and Martina Sanderson-Smith, University of Wollongong As children we are encouraged to dream big, and many young people – including young women and girls – aspire to a career in science. While there are role…

Communicating Effectively with Graphics

Frédéric Bouché, a postdoctoral research with Richard Amasino at the University of Wisconsin, recently caught our attention when he published a set of impressive visual abstracts to support his latest research papers. We invited him to share how and why he makes these images. -Editors When you…