Plain-language summaries of research

The editorial team at eLIFE has shared some of their tips for writing about your research in an accessible way. In addition to reporting on the outcomes of their plain-language summaries (eLIFE Digests), they provide an excellent set of guidelines to help you write your own plain-language summary. All articles are free to read.

Reprinted from eLIFE: Plain language summaries of research.

Writing for different readers

Peter Rogers,

Plain-language summaries: How to write an eLife digest

The eLife Features team explain the process used to produce eLife digests, and share some advice to help authors write plain-language summaries of their research.

Plain-language summaries: Journals and other organizations that produce plain-language summaries

As part of our “Plain-language summaries of research” series, we have compiled a list of over 50 journals and other organizations that publish plain-language summaries of scientific research.

Plain-language summaries: Results of the 2016 eLife digest reader survey

A survey of over 300 people reveals what our readers really think of eLife digests.


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