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Before Joining a PhD Program

Deciding to do a PhD is not a trivial matter. Whether you are just considering your options, or you are sure that a PhD is what you want, this article will give you a complete view of what to consider before joining a program, what a PhD is really about, and a few insights into […]

Organizing a Conference for Early Career Researchers as an Early Career Research – Norwich-Cambridge Science Symposium (NoCaSS) 2023

Many times, early career researchers go to large national or international conferences and come away with connections with some of the current leading experts in their field. However, it is sometimes difficult to form connections with younger early career researchers who might not be giving a talk or presenting a poster. Yet these are the […]

Plantae Presents: How to Create Widely Accessible and Easily Digestible Research Outputs

Plantae Presents: How to Create Widely Accessible and Easily Digestible Research Outputs Featuring Detlef Weigel and Arunabha Bose When: Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 06:00 AM PDT | 9:00 AM EDT | 1:00 PM GMT | 9:00 AM Beijing About this Webinar The growing need for accessibility of research outputs on a global scale is […]

Dealing with Health Anxiety in the Lab: A Short Guide

I would like to start by making it clear that this article is not intended to replace the help and guidance of a professional. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment of any illness can be detrimental to health.   According to the American Psychological Association, health anxiety is excessive or inappropriate anxiety about one’s health based on the misinterpretation […]

The Art of Academic Mentorship

What is Academic Mentorship? Mentorship is defined as an act of supporting individuals to improve and achieve their goals in one or more areas of their personal life or career. Mentors are expected to help mentees set realistic achievable goals, to encourage or challenge people to reach them at their own pace, and to use […]

The Science Behind Scientific Writing

Section I: What to do before writing  There are many researchers and students who have little expertise in writing scientific literature. Scientific writing is a complicated activity, and many people presume that scientific literature is hard to read. However, the skill of scientific writing can be improved by practicing several strategies effectively.   It is necessary […]

Increasing Diversity in the Plant Sciences: The Pioneer Role of the Women in Plant Biology Committee

As the Women in Plant Biology committee reaches its 40th birthday it is useful to recollect its beginnings. These beginnings demonstrate the importance of addressing the needs of underrepresented minorities as a critical step to make progress toward diversity in the plant sciences. ASPB and the Women in Plant Biology Committee have been strong supporters […]