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Techniques Becoming Obsolete in Plant Molecular Biology in 2024

The field of plant molecular biology has experienced remarkable growth in recent decades, contributed by significant milestones such as the recognition of Arabidopsis thaliana as a universal plant model, the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative in 2000 (The Arabidopsis Genome, 2000), and the 1001 Genome Initiative in 2016 (Alonso-Blanco et al., 2016). The assembly of the Arabidopsis […]

Plant Physiology Spotlights January 2024 First Authors

Behind the Plant Physiology manuscripts are researchers, professors, professionals and students dedicated to advancing the field of plant science. You’ve seen our First Authors on Twitter and Facebook— now, read more about why they chose to pursue plant sciences and click on the links below the pictures to read their articles. Liu Cong Liu Cong […]

Plantae Presents: Exploring Plant Science Research Across the Globe: Insights from Leading Researchers

Plantae Presents: Exploring Plant Science Research Across the Globe: Insights from Leading Researchers Featuring Federico Ariel, Sónia Negrão, and Felipe Klein Ricachenevsky When: Friday, April 26, 2024, at 8:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EDT | 4:00 PM BST | 3:00 PM UTC About this Webinar In this webinar, we will focus on the landscape […]

Making Research Leadership Roles Accessible for Scientists in Developing Countries

It is generally observed that the concept of “Research Leadership” is not well-defined in clear and concise terms in literature. There is a consensus that distinct guidelines and training for research leaders are not well delineated, as stated by Saltmarsh, 2011 regarding the definition of governance systems. The United Nations defines a developed or industrialized […]

Fostering Inclusivity in STEM Teaching: Tips and Best Practices

Equality of access to and participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers paths has been a significant and well-documented social challenge worldwide during the past decades. STEM graduates can aid the development of a highly skilled technical workforce, enabling technological and scientific innovation and economic growth. There exists a global need to enhance […]

Ethical Considerations in Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering stands at the forefront of scientific innovation, offering transformative possibilities for our world. By pushing the boundaries of molecular biology, scientists demonstrate the capacity to manipulate the genetic code of organisms, including plants, animals, and humans. The recent advancements in CRISPR/Cas genome editing tools elevate precision (Cong et al., 2013; Chen et al., […]