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A high-five for high light protection

Kasper van Gelderen Utrecht University k.vangelderen@uu.nl Plants cannot live without light, but they also cannot live with too much light. Beyond a certain threshold, a high light intensity will damage the photosynthetic apparatus directly. Furthermore, high light leads to the production of reactive oxygen species that can cause widespread damage in the cell (Li et […]

True Blue: How Cry1 Inhibits Phototropism in Green Seedlings

Kasper van Gelderen Plant Ecophysiology, Dept. of Biology, Utrecht University, Padualaan 8 3584CH, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The study of plant movement towards light, also called phototropism, has a venerable history with giants such as Charles Darwin and Frits Went involved in its study, which led to the discovery of the plant hormone auxin (Went, 1928). […]