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Diverse plants, diversity in botany

Guest post by Paul Sokoloff, Senior Research Assistant, Botany, Canadian Museum of Nature Astragalus, the milkvetch genus, is a massive group of plants in the pea family that has diversified into over 3000 species, which can be found in various habitats across the northern hemisphere.  Its also a genus with a surprising queer history.  When […]

What if Plant Scientists were as Diverse as the Plants we Study?

Guest post by Jennifer Nemhauser & Elizabeth Haswell This spring, in collaboration with Joanna Friesner, we launched DiversifyPlantSci (1), an on-line directory of self-nominated plant scientists who share identity with groups that are currently minoritized in STEM fields. Membership now exceeds 250 people, and includes scientists who identify as belonging to racial or ethnic groups other […]

Serving and SURFing at ASPB: Reflections on 35 years with ASPB

Guest post by Jonathan Monroe ASPB has been a big part of my professional life since I first joined in about 1984 as a graduate student at Cornell. One early memory of attending ASPP (former name) meetings was making posters by spray-mounting printed paper onto colored cardboard and trimming the edges so there were as […]

Scientists, put down your pipettes and get involved with ASPB!

Guest post by Lucas Vanhaelewyn, PhD candidate, Laboratory of Functional Plant Biology, Ghent University Being a scientist is a wonderful job, especially when your theory is suddenly confirmed on a gel, or when that fluorescent signal does get upregulated. Those moments highly compensate for those lesser days when you accidentally cut your fingers with the […]

Fantastic Collaborations and How to Find Them

Guest post by George Kantor, Senior Systems Scientist, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University This much is a truism: a successful career in any interdisciplinary field requires collaboration with people from different disciplines. It is more difficult to define what skills are needed to be an effective collaborator. As an engineer who has been developing sensors […]