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Fantastic Collaborations and How to Find Them

Guest post by George Kantor, Senior Systems Scientist, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University This much is a truism: a successful career in any interdisciplinary field requires collaboration with people from different disciplines. It is more difficult to define what skills are needed to be an effective collaborator. As an engineer who has been developing sensors […]

Creating a future of effective science communicators

The need for incentivized science communication training for graduate students In 2017, I attended the March for Science in Denver, CO alongside two plant biology graduate students. The excitement I got from being in a mass of people who support science funding dissipated when we started talking to a group of fellow march attenders about […]

Reflections on my move from academia to a startup

Guest post by Christy Gault My interest in agricultural biotechnology began in an unlikely place. In an undergraduate Wetland Ecology course, we took a field trip to a small patch of wilderness in rural upstate New York. Canoeing past dense vegetation under a brilliant blue sky, I felt a sense of wonder in nature that […]

Know thyself: the guide to shaping your career trajectory

How the power in knowing one’s self can positively shape a happy and fruitful career-life trajectory Guest post by Emily Wrenbeck I was fortunate to have an excellent graduate school experience in the Chemical Engineering Department at Michigan State University. Under the mentorship of Tim Whitehead, I discovered the awesomeness and mysteries in the world […]

How come approaching questions knowing little helped my career a lot?

Guest post by Ron Milo, Professor, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel https://www.weizmann.ac.il/pla… When I worked on analyzing biological networks I thought it was a disgrace I don’t know more about the relevant subject. Yet what we did propelled my career forward with two papers in Science. When my lab […]