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Outreach during a global pandemic: The ABRC’s shift to a virtual format

Written by Courtney Price, Education & Outreach Specialist for the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center and the Center for Applied Plant Sciences, Graduate Program Coordinator for the Translational Plant Sciences Graduate Program, The Ohio State University. Though information about the COVID-19 virus had been percolating in the news for a while, it wasn’t until March of […]

Being an active dad has made me a better scientist

A guest post by Fernando Silveira. My mind is still asleep but I hear a baby crying. I can’t tell the exact time, but it’s dark outside. It’s my shift to take care of our 5-mo old baby while my wife tries to get some rest. If things get too noisy, my other two kids […]

Journey with the ASPP/ASPB

Guest Post by By Jane Shen-Miller, University of California, Los Angeles am grateful to have received the 2018 ASPB Charles-Reid-Barnes Award (CRBA). When President Henry Klee presented me the plaque I wanted to cheer. President Rob Last has now given me that chance. The first President of the ASPP (American Society of Plant Physiologists), Charles […]

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Next-Gen Careers

Guest Post by Rob Last, Michigan State University, ASPB President. Co-authored by Laura Grapes, Bayer Crop Sciences, and Andrew Hanson, University of Florida. We continue the experiment of expanding participation in ASPB started with the last President’s Letter (http://bit.ly/SecuringFuturePl…). This letter is part of a collection of resources (http://bit.ly/NextGenerationCa…) about training and jobs in the related […]

The two-body problem – Perspectives of an early career researcher

Guest Post by Gaurav Moghe The two-body problem has been a classical mechanics problem in physics since at least Newtonian times. However, the first suggestion of Google’s autocomplete feature is “two-body problem academia”, with at least the first 90+ results being very relevant to the topic. This example hints at how pervasive the two-body problem is in […]

Evolving From a Focus on Mentee to Cultivating a Mentoring Ecosystem

Guest post by Beronda L. Montgomery (@BerondaM) Note: This contribution is adapted from a blog post original posted at http://www.berondamontgomery.c… on January 20, 2019 Many current “mentoring” programs focus primarily on interventions for those being mentored, i.e., mentees (or sometimes referred to as trainees). All too frequently, these so-called interventions focus on fixing “deficits” in individual mentees […]