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Toca Lab: Plants, a great app to teach kids about plant biology

By Daniel Czerny Toca Lab: Plants is an app designed to introduce primary school-aged kids to plant biology.  In the app, kids can apply fertilizer, water, and light to different species of plants. The correct treatment unlocks new plant characters for the game, and the game teaches the binomial name for each plant character.  The plant […]

From Alchemy to IPO – Book Review

Book Review by Chris Barbey with media by Katie Rogers From Alchemy to IPO describes the beginnings of the biotechnology sector and its progression into the almost modern era, spanning biotech’s inception in the 1970’s through the late 1990’s. While conceptually biotechnology is at least as old as the invention of agriculture, molecular-level research, development and commercial […]

Zombie Donkeys and the Modern Science Ph.D. Degree

By Andrew Hanson In George Orwell’s masterpiece ‘Animal Farm’ Benjamin the donkey tells the other animals “Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey”. The point: history had hit him hard and often, so he could foresee outcomes. As a non-dead (zombie) academic donkey with 30+ years in the business […]

Pathways not pipelines

Reflections on a Plant Science Research Network Workshop from an Early Career Scientist by Nikki Forrester It was a quiet morning in August. I sat in my apartment, sipping coffee and sifting through emails. “We are seeking early career scientists . . . who are eager to participate in a facilitated ‘visioning’ exercise on the […]