TSO1 and MYB3R1 form a regulatory module to coordinate cell proliferation with differentiation (PNAS)

In order to ensure proper development, plants need to balance cell proliferation and differentiation. Mutation in TSO1 causes disorganization of cell layers, leading to drastic reduction in fertility. A mutagenesis screen for rescue of fertility in the tso1-1 background identified  MYB3R1 as major partner of TSO1 in cell organization and cell cycle control. In the tso1-1 background, MYB31R expression was ubiquitous, indicating that TSO1 is involved in repression of MYB31R transcription. The expression of TSO1 and MYB3R1 was observed to be complementary in the developing root. As both genes are homologues of DREAM complex that coordinates cell cycle progression in animal cells, this work by Wang et al. suggest that the DREAM-like mechanisms are also important for cell cycle control in the plant kingdom. (Summary by Magdalena Julkowska) PNAS