Three Reviews: Phytochrome, shade avoidance and far-red light ($)

shadeavoidancePlant Cell Environ. has a set of reviews on light responses. Ballaré and Pierik (10.1111/pce.12914) review The shade avoidance syndrome: Multiple signals and ecological consequences, Sheerin and Hiltbrunner (10.1111/pce.12915) review the Molecular mechanisms and ecological function of far-red light signalling, and Inoue et al. (10.1111/pce.12908) review the Evolutionary origin of phytochrome responses and signaling in land plants. Collectively, these reviews provide a comprehensive overview of how plants use far-red light information (not absorbed by chlorophyll) to direct their growth, from the molecular mechanisms to the evolutionary history in land plants and ecological consequences. As always, a complementary set of current reviews provide an excellent resource for teaching.