The pPSU plasmids for generating DNA molecular weight markers

Anyone who is trying to manage a laboratory on a budget will enjoy reading about the efforts of Henrici et al., who have designed a pair of plasmids that together can be digested with one of two restriction enzymes to produce either 100-bp or 1000-bp DNA molecular weight markers. As the authors report, “We would like to offer the pPSU1 & pPSU2 pair of plasmids as an alternative to commercial or other homemade sources of DNA ladders. We therefore make available the pPSU1 and pPSU2 plasmids to the nonprofit academic community without licensing requirements. The pPSU1 and pPSU2 plasmids are being deposited in the Addgene and DNASU repositories to facilitate distribution.” Sci. Reports 10.1038/s41598-017-02693-1

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