The Books Every Plant Scientist Should Read

Hello everyone, we’re Vijaya and Carlos from the Plantae Bookshelf!

This time, we wanted to share with you the results of our “The Books Every Plant Scientist Should Read” survey of this year.

With everything that’s currently happening in our world right now –the COVID-19 pandemic, the protests against institutional racism in the United States and around the world, and all the critical situations we could be facing in our home countries– talking about books might seem rather insignificant. However, we believe that a good read has the power to relieve the anxiety and the stress that most of us could be experiencing right now. Even if they might not provide a direct solution to these problems, maybe we can find in them the peace, focus, and energy we need to reflect and work towards forging more empathic, equitable, and inclusive communities not only in science but in all spaces in our lives.

Here, you can find the results of our survey, the most voted books, and a link to the full list of recommended titles and authors:

We thank all the people that answered and shared our survey!

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