Review: Brassinosteroid signaling in plant development and adaptation to stress ($) (Development)

In this new review, Riverola et al. highlight the significance of the phytohormone brassinosteroid in plant development and responses to stress. The authors discuss BRL1, LRR-RLK receptor mediated signaling mechanism that is crucial for root development and stress response. This signaling mechanism varies at the tissue specific level. Regions where the receptors are enriched are involved in cell elongation, stem cell maintenance, and root vascular cell differentiation. The authors also review the role of brassinosteroids under stress conditions including drought, salinity and elevated temperatures, particularly the trade-offs between growth and stress. Ongoing efforts need to address the downstream players and spatio-temporal activity of this phytohormone at tissue specific level. (Summary by Suresh Damodaran) Development 10.1242/dev.151894