Plantae Presents – 2021 Schedule

We’ll be back!

Join us in 2021 for more free Plantae Presents webinars.

Here’s our schedule so far – mark your calendars! We’ll be updating this post regularly with titles and registration links as they are ready.

Visit this page for more information about each of these events.

All webinars 10 am EST / 3 pm GMT unless otherwise noted.

Wed Feb 10 Eric Schranz (Wageningen University): Context Matters: Phylogenomic synteny analysis of plants and animals and Caroline Pont (INRAE, Clermont-Ferrand, France): Reconstruction of wheat origins and evolutionary trajectories from modern and ancient DNA

Wed Feb 17 Malcolm Bennett (University of Nottingham): BREAKTHRU: uncovering how roots can sense and penetrate hard soils and Edith Pierre-Jerome (Duke University): A synthetic approach to parse gene regulatory logic in plant development

Wed March 3 (Special time! 11 am GMT, 4:30 pm in Hyderabad, India) Usha Vijayraghavan (Indian Institute of Science): Codes rice floret development: leads from studies on OsMADS1 regulated gene networks and Ramesh Sonti (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad): Induction and suppression of host innate immunity in rice-Xanthomonas 

Wed March 10 Special edition to celebrate the Plant Physiology focus issue on Dynamic Membranes. Yvon Jaillais (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon France): Anionic phospholipids across scales: From plasma membrane nanodomains to plant development, Rosa Laura López-Marqués (University of Copenhagen): Lipid flippases as key players in plant adaptive responses, and Antje Heese (Michigan State University): Dynamin-Related Protein Network in FLS2 endocytosis, immune responses, and plant growth

Wed March 17 Sheng-Yang He (Duke University): Plant-pathogen interactions facing a changing climate, and Jonathan Jacobs (Ohio State University): Defining tissue-specificity of plant colonization by bacteria

Wed March 24 (Special time! 10 am in Beijing, which is 9pm on Tues March 23 EST and 6pm PST) Yuling Jiao (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences): Stochastic gene expression drives mesophyll protoplast regeneration in Arabidopsis and Lilan Hong (Zhejiang University): How do organs maintain robust morphology? 

Wed March 31 (Special time! March 31 4pm EDT, 9pm BST, Thursday April 1, 7am in Sydney) Special edition to focus on Plant Synthetic Biology. Claudia Vickers (Director of the Synthetic Biology Future Science Platform at CSIRO): Making plant natural products economically viable: Synthetic biology tools for metabolic engineering of isoprenoids in microbes and Guillaume Barbier (Biofertility program director; Nitrogen fixation, Joyn Bio): Engineering of biological nitrogen fixation for sustainable agriculture

Wed April 7 (Special time! 10 am in Beijing, which is 9pm on Tues April 6th EST and 6pm PST) Special edition to celebrate The Plant Cell focus issue on Plant Genomes. More information coming soon.

Wed April 14 Sophia Stone (Dalhouse University): The ubiquitin proteasome system at the crossroads of abiotic and biotic stress tolerance and Sjon Hartman (University of Birmingham): Ethylene inhibits proteolysis of oxygen-sensing ERF-VII transcription factors and improves hypoxia tolerance  

Wed April 21 Special edition to celebrate The Plant Cell focus issue on Plant Genomes. More information coming soon.

Wed April 28 Julia Bailey-Serres and Rashmi Sasidharan: Life in the wet zone: how plants and two moms survive inundation 

These webinars are freely available thanks to the support of the American Society of Plant Biologists. We encourage you to join today to support this and other initiatives that directly benefit the plant science community.




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    I am faiza from Pakistan. I am a botanist; my research is in wheat and heavy metals. Want to be part of this fruitful discussion.

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