Plant Scientist Highlights blog series, by Alyssa Preiser

Each month during 2018, graduate student Alyssa Preiser created an infographic-style post about an influential plant scientist.

Even though communication is key in our work, we tend to not talk very well across subsets of our discipline. Each month I’ll be posting a short biography of a different member of the plant science community, sharing some of the highlights of different disciplines of our beloved plant research.

Each article is illustrated with a beautiful, informative, downloadable gaphic, like the one posted here.

Check them out!

Norman Borlaug

Alexander von Humboldt

Kono Yasui

Ottoline Leyser

Maria Harrison

Sophien Kamoun

Barbara McClintock

Andrew Benson

Michael Purugganan

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sue Hartley

Caroline Dean