New approaches to optimize somatic embryogenesis in maritime pine (Front Plant Sci)

Pinus pinaster Aiton, commonly known as maritime pine, is a coniferous tree, native to the Mediterranean region, and presently used as a model plant when studying coniferous trees due to the interest in its environmental adaptability. Maritime pine breeding programs use somatic embryogenesis, a biotechnological process in which a plant embryo is derived from a somatic plant cell, as the common tool to produce elite cultivars. In order to increase success during the induction and maturation phases, Arrillaga et al. analyzed the possible maternal influence (i.e., the impact of the female donor in controlled crosses) on the embryogenic capability of megagametophytes, as well as other more common environmental variables. (Summary by Isabel Mendoza) Front. Plant Sci. 10.3389/fpls.2019.00138