Members of the Arabidopsis FORKED1-LIKE gene family act to localize PIN1 in developing veins (J Exp Bot.)

Vascular system is one of the adaptive features for terrestrial plants. Polar localization of PIN1 is essential for creating directional auxin flow, resulting in vein pattern formation. Mariyamma et al. propose that FORKED1 (FKD1) and its homologues control the PIN1 polar localization. The team identified eight FKD1-LIKE genes (FL1-8) in Arabidopsis, containing DUF828 and Pleckstrin homology/-like domains. The group-1 FLs were found in transgolgi network, while group 3 members localized to Golgi apparatus. Only the mutations in group 1 FL affected vein patterning through mislocalization of PIN1. Mutations in group 3 did not affect vein patterning, but resulted in larger leafs, suggesting that FL group 1 and group 3 coordinate vein patterning and leaf size. (Summary by Magdalena Julkowska) J Exp Bot. 10.1093/jxb/ery248