Making Science Make Sense – Simple experiments for younger children, from Bayer

Making Science Make Sense (MSMS) has entered its 22nd year of making a positive STEM education impact on students across the United States. Since the program’s nascent year in 1995, Bayer’s MSMS has brought educational experiments to the classrooms that are kid-friendly and designed to intrigue and push curiosity in the field of STEM education. This award-winning program would not be possible without the hundreds of Bayer employees who volunteer their time to bring hands-on science into the classroom in Bayer site communities nationwide. To expand that reach, Bayer partners with incredible teachers who volunteer their time and efforts to attend MSMS Teacher Workshops, where they add to their repertoire of hands-on experiments, learn more about various science career paths, and share teacher-to-teacher advice to bring back to their classrooms.

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