Jing Peng: The Plant Cell First Author

Jing Peng, first author of “COP1 positively regulates ABA signaling during Arabidopsis seedling growth in darkness by mediating ABA-induced ABI5 accumulation”

Current Position: Postdoc, China Agricultural University

Education: B.S. (2016) from Shanxi Agricultural University; Ph.D. (2022) from China Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: Travelling, Watching movies

Brief bio: I have had the strong interest in plants since childhood. After completing my undergraduate study in 2016, I was fortunate to join Prof. Jigang Li’s lab as a Ph.D. student to study plant biology. Prof. Li’s lab is interested in how plants respond to abiotic stresses according to their light conditions. ABA is a plant hormone that plays important roles in plant adaptation to abiotic stresses, and my Ph.D. project aimed to elucidate how COP1, a central repressor of photomorphogenesis, regulates ABA signaling in darkness. Our study showed that COP1 positively regulates ABA signaling during Arabidopsis seedling growth in darkness. Further analyses demonstrated that COP1 mediates ABA induction of ABI5 accumulation through transcriptional and post-translational regulatory mechanisms. Interestingly, our data indicate that plants are more resistant to ABA in the light than in the dark, demonstrating that plants adjust their ABA signaling mechanisms according to their light environment. This is an unforgettable research experience for me.